Stock and domestic water supplies

Alpine Drilling can offer high levels of experience throughout Vic and NSW when finding suitable groundwater supplies for stock and domestic use. Owner and Driller Rob Mclean has 25 years drilling experience and offers one-on-one consultation when planning and pricing for drilling.

Irrigation, Town water, dewatering and high yield bores

Alpine Drilling employs up-to-date and efficient drilling and construction methods for either alluvial formations such as the Murray Darling basin or hard rock formations such as the Alpine areas. We are equipped to handle diameters up to 2.5 metres and depth up to 1000 metres. We offer quality construction methods and materials to ensure maximum yield and minimum draw down.

Geothermal Drilling Equipment and Techniques

Geothermal heating uses ground temperatures to heat and cool your home, cutting energy costs. For more information on geothermal heating please visit

Alpine Drilling Pty. Ltd. have been involved in large industrial and small household drilling programs installing loop systems. We are trained in all aspects of drilling, installing and grouting loop systems with minimal mess and environmental impact.

As licensed geothermal drilling contractors and loop installers, Alpine Drilling have gained a reputation in geothermal drilling having completed many large looping systems including:

  • Footscray University
  • Preston Secondary College
  • Sydney University
  • Wangaratta Secondary College
  • International Embassies In Canberra

With specialised equipment to ensure use of high thermal conductivity grouts and trouble free loop installation, Alpine Drilling are leaders in the geothermal drilling industry.